Sunday, January 2, 2011

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Epiphany: The 'nations are revealed to Jesus and show the world!

Why not reverse the direction that generally attach to the party today, or epiphany of the nations Jesus, not the epiphany of Jesus to the nations? The nations - and not just some sectors of Israel - are revealed to Jesus, and turn the show into the world. The initiative, after all, part of the 'nations' symbolically represented by the 'wise men'. Jesus is left to discover and reveal the sons and daughters who come from all corners of the earth. Regardless of their language, culture and creed. Historically, in fact, Jesus himself was sent only to understand how 'lost sheep of Israel' discovered the 'existence and faith "of the heathen foreigners in your life. These have proved definitely to Jesus, and transformed. Forced him to redirect his mission.

Thus, we understand that God begins to be known universally as a God who is not identified with a specific culture or a people, but how many cultures, nations, origins, and the rites of their children and daughters. For those "nations" can effectively detect the presence of God in their lives should read and follow the signs (the star), that God himself puts in your path. Intermittent signals, subtle, not always clear and explicit. Requiring courage and boldness to be followed, followed.

Matthew through this parable of great beauty and plasticity reflects historical events dating back in fact not the biological birth of Jesus, but something that marked part in the mission of Jesus, and especially the lives of Christians for many years after the death of the Master of Nazareth. Matthew reports, in reality, the emergence of the first church and the irruption of the 'heathen' in church life. A church composed primarily of 'heathen', foreigners. It was precisely 'outsiders', not the Israelis, who were able to see a presence in Jesus founder, central, unique to all people. The ethno-centrism Israeli incapacitated the 'chosen people' to recognize in its national co-envoy Most of the Father: he did everything to eliminate it from its appearance in its history, as did other prophets. The paradox occurs precisely in this: while the high priests and Herod, wise and powerful, conspired to kill Jesus - as indeed happened - the heathens, sinners, not baptized, not knowing the word of God, the vulnerable and not the patrons of the temple was opened and welcomed the good news, and gestures of compassion and mercy that Jesus offered to all. The impure and foreign definitively revealed the divine that was in Jesus and in themselves. They became, unlike Israel, the missionaries who showed the good news of Jesus from Nazareth to all mankind


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